We still believe in serving our friends and neighbors

twitter_32 It occurred to me earlier today that times have really changed and not necessarily for the better. Seems as though a certain percentage of insurance consumers have been buried so deeply in online and direct marketing ads that they have forgotten what it is like to do business and be served by a friend. Unfortunately many find this out only after they have had some kind of loss or accident only to find out coverage they thought they had was in fact omitted. This is what is happening in todays insurance marketplace. You must not forget that the whole purpose of insurance is to be there in case of an accident or loss and yet so many people seem to buy insurance with their rose colored glasses on thinking it will never happen to me. As a member of this community- I am easy to find and cannot hide. That is why we stand behind what we sell our friends and clients. I answer to you and cannot hide behind a call center or anonymous name online. So the next time you are shopping for insurance ask yourself this question- what is insurance supposed to do for me? If the answer is to deliver on a promise to provide protection for your financial security for you and your family from a trustworthy source whom is beholding to you and only you- then call us at Corey Tyre Insurance Agency Inc.

When shopping for insurance do you hear anything else but price

One of the dangers in todays world of ease of access is the over-emphasis on price. Now nobody is more frugal or thrifty than I am, just ask Dana. However, in todays ever evolving world of technology and with the ability to now basically buy anything you need without leaving the comfort of your home- there are certain dangers involved. Regarding the purchase of insurance specifically if you do not have a clear and concise understanding of your needs you are in trouble. Do you understand the ins and outs of insurance coverage- what is covered and what is not? If you don’t you better not shop online. When buying direct the person on the other end of the line works for the insurance company, you know the people who sign his or her check every week. They are also anonymous to you. Have you ever tried to get the same person you purchased something from online back on the phone a few days later? It is impossible. So are they accountable to you if there is an issue? Here at Corey Tyre Insurance Agency we are accountable to you. YOu know where we are, and how to contact us- me specifically. If you choose to buy from someone else- I don’t get paid. So everything we do revolves around our committment to you, our policyholder and our neighbor. So the next time you hear someone discussing how much money they saved on their insurance by buying online, instead of allowing youself to be wooed into such a conundrum, just remember if you have an agent- our job is to take care of you. So just smile and tell them that you have a professional that takes care of you and your family.

Reasons you should buy insurance from an independent insurance agent

Let me start by prefacing- all of us have different needs.  Some are more simple than others and insurance is no different.  I read an article last night about insurance companies including a couple that I represent doing business with a comparison auto insurance quoting company.  Basically they put all the information from several different companies together to provide you the best quote for your particular situation.  This is not a new idea- as an independent insurance agent this is what we have been doing for years.  What is new is no longer is a fully licensed, trained and educated professional the middle man.  The new middleman is a business model that has nothing to do with insurance  other than the basics of compiling a quote.  I will not mention them here, however, if you buy insurance online or through the comparison shopping network- whom do you call with a problem?  What about when you have a claim?  Of course you call the company, but lest you forget the company has a vested interest in the outcome of your claim.  The same interest a mechanic has when you pull in and say I don’t know what’s wrong with my vehicle but there is definitely something wrong and I need you to fix it.  Goodness an open ended situation- do you think you walk out of that garage with just replacing a heater hose?  Doubtful.  As an independent insurance agent- I do not have claims paying responsibilities and do not always get to decide if there is coverage for some gray area issue that isn’t specifically addressed in the policy fine print.  But what I do have is experience and knowledge and here is the important one- YOUR BEST INTEREST AT HEART.  Why do I have you best interest at the forefront in all I do?  Is it because I am just an honest, Christian man looking to do the right thing?  That’s most of it, but I have your best interest at heart because I am beholding to you-MY CUSTOMER, the one who entrusted me to provide the protection of their assets.  So the next time you consider whether or not you should shop online or use a comparison quote website that promises you will get the best quote in the world, please remember this.  I have been doing that same thing for our customers for 20 years and not only do we provide the best quote but we also provide guidance from a professional that should you be the one with a claims issue that is in the gray area- I can and will be your representative and defender to the insurance company.  I will recall a similar situation in which they paid a claim for the exact same occurrence.  Now again let me ask you- if you buy insurance directly from an insurance company will you get that kind of guidance, compassion and help from them?

We are an independent insurance agency

which means we have access to 25+ companies who write auto insurance and homeowners insurance in Florida.  So we strive to make sure our current clients as well as new clients are getting a very accurate and competitive quote in regards to todays insurance marketplace.  If you get a renewal notice with a rate increase or limititation of your coverage I recommend that you call us first.  Whether you are one of our current clients or not, chances are we can help.

Pet Peeve of the day

How can a condo unit be required to be rated for flood insurance as having an obstruction due to an elevator at the other end of the building when the area underneath all of the units only has stairs and no obstructions? Seems we penalize those who act responsibly and take care of their own things without asking for anything for free and we reward people who are unwilling to act responsibly and want everything for free.

Rating the important factors in choosing your Auto Insurance

The most important factor in choosing an auto insurance company is:
1. claims response
I can’t tell you how many times I have heard stories from customers who had previously had auto accidents under a previous carrier how slow the claims process was. If you have an auto accident- you want the carrier to respond immediately to get the repairs completed as soon as possible in order to get you back into your vehicle. The sooner you are back into your vehicle- the sooner you can move on and get back to your daily routine.
2. price
it seems today everything is centered around price on auto insurance and price is important. But remember when comparing auto insurance carriers be sure to weigh the price with information about claims handling. Like or not, the longer you are without your vehicle could end up costing you more money than you saved by going with the lowest rate.
3. customer service
does your auto insurance carrier work with you? Say you have lost your job and are trying to get by until you have gotten work elsewhere- and you owe $200 for your monthly payment. Will you current carrier accept a partial payment and extend the amount owed over to next month. If not, you may want to find a company that is truly interested in you. Call us today with questions about your auto insurance or if you would like a quote from us for your coverage. We would love the opportunity to not only save you money, but also to protect you in the event of an auto accident.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

We would like to take the time to wish all of our clients, friends and neighbors a joyous holiday season. At this time of year it is important to remember that if you receive any jewelry, fine arts or guns from Santa Claus- contact us to make sure they are specifically covered. Unscheduled items usually have a cap on the amount of coverage for each items. Under a standard homeowners policy unscheduled jewelry is covered for $1,000. Guns are covered for $2,000 and unscheduled fine arts are capped at $2,500. So whether you have coverage through our agency or someone else- make sure you stay let your insurance agency know when any of these items are purchased. And if you have someone else, let 2015 be the year you call us and let us review your insurance coverage and see if we can provide you more value.


Corey D. Tyre, President
Corey Tyre Insurance Agency Inc.

Today is a day of giving thanks

Yesterday we celebrated our 17th anniversary of doing business here in Tallahassee, Florida. Dana and I would like to take this time to thank our families and friends/clients who have entrusted us with providing protection for them and their families. It is a great honor to serve so many people who have chosen to do business with us over the last 17 years. You are more than clients, we consider you friends and family. And our hope is that you feel the same way. Again thank you, and here’s to another 17 years and picking up a few more clients/friends along the way.

Ways to reduce your homeowners insurance costs

Obviously, as an agent who partners with over 20 companies- we have a good handle on how your coverage and rates with your current insurer compare to what is available to you in the marketplace. There can be some variance in rates from company to company, but as a consumer you can also help to reduce your costs by doing the following.

1. installation of a monitored burgular and fire alarm
2. have a qualified roofing contractor complete a uniform wind mitigation form with the accompanying pictures of the roof and roof deck attachments.
3. you can increase your deductibles, though, you should be careful in doing so and be sure to consider the increase in your out of pocket exposure compared to the savings you would get from doing this.

For more information regarding this or any other insurance needs you may have, please contact us at Corey Tyre Insurance Agency at 850-893-9564. Or you can contact us online at www.coreytyre.com

Important facts regarding homeowners insurance

With many companies leaving the marketplace in Florida and just about all the remaining companies taking rate increases, consumers need to know the following important facts regarding their homeowners insurance as you shop for other carriers.

Fact 1- the age of your roof is very important. Many of our carriers require your roof to be 15 years old or newer in order to be eligible for coverage. There are a couple of carriers out there who will still accept roofs that are up to 20 years old, but not many.

Fact 2- if your home is over 50 years old you will need a passing 4 point inspection. A 4 point inspection consists of an a licensed contractor or inspector looking at your electrical, plumbing, heating and air and roof to make sure they are in good condition and sufficient for the current usage of your residence.

Should you have any questions regarding your current homeowners insurance or if you are considering buying a home, please contact Corey Tyre Insurance Agency and let us review your current coverages or look at the home you are considering purchasing so you will know that quality homeowners coverage with a reputable carrier is available to you. We represent 18 different carriers including Tower Hill, Florida Family, Capitol Preferred, Southern Fidelity and American Integrity. Give us a call today at 850-893-9564.