We still believe in serving our friends and neighbors

twitter_32 It occurred to me earlier today that times have really changed and not necessarily for the better. Seems as though a certain percentage of insurance consumers have been buried so deeply in online and direct marketing ads that they have forgotten what it is like to do business and be served by a friend. Unfortunately many find this out only after they have had some kind of loss or accident only to find out coverage they thought they had was in fact omitted. This is what is happening in todays insurance marketplace. You must not forget that the whole purpose of insurance is to be there in case of an accident or loss and yet so many people seem to buy insurance with their rose colored glasses on thinking it will never happen to me. As a member of this community- I am easy to find and cannot hide. That is why we stand behind what we sell our friends and clients. I answer to you and cannot hide behind a call center or anonymous name online. So the next time you are shopping for insurance ask yourself this question- what is insurance supposed to do for me? If the answer is to deliver on a promise to provide protection for your financial security for you and your family from a trustworthy source whom is beholding to you and only you- then call us at Corey Tyre Insurance Agency Inc.

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