Reasons you should buy insurance from an independent insurance agent

Let me start by prefacing- all of us have different needs.  Some are more simple than others and insurance is no different.  I read an article last night about insurance companies including a couple that I represent doing business with a comparison auto insurance quoting company.  Basically they put all the information from several different companies together to provide you the best quote for your particular situation.  This is not a new idea- as an independent insurance agent this is what we have been doing for years.  What is new is no longer is a fully licensed, trained and educated professional the middle man.  The new middleman is a business model that has nothing to do with insurance  other than the basics of compiling a quote.  I will not mention them here, however, if you buy insurance online or through the comparison shopping network- whom do you call with a problem?  What about when you have a claim?  Of course you call the company, but lest you forget the company has a vested interest in the outcome of your claim.  The same interest a mechanic has when you pull in and say I don’t know what’s wrong with my vehicle but there is definitely something wrong and I need you to fix it.  Goodness an open ended situation- do you think you walk out of that garage with just replacing a heater hose?  Doubtful.  As an independent insurance agent- I do not have claims paying responsibilities and do not always get to decide if there is coverage for some gray area issue that isn’t specifically addressed in the policy fine print.  But what I do have is experience and knowledge and here is the important one- YOUR BEST INTEREST AT HEART.  Why do I have you best interest at the forefront in all I do?  Is it because I am just an honest, Christian man looking to do the right thing?  That’s most of it, but I have your best interest at heart because I am beholding to you-MY CUSTOMER, the one who entrusted me to provide the protection of their assets.  So the next time you consider whether or not you should shop online or use a comparison quote website that promises you will get the best quote in the world, please remember this.  I have been doing that same thing for our customers for 20 years and not only do we provide the best quote but we also provide guidance from a professional that should you be the one with a claims issue that is in the gray area- I can and will be your representative and defender to the insurance company.  I will recall a similar situation in which they paid a claim for the exact same occurrence.  Now again let me ask you- if you buy insurance directly from an insurance company will you get that kind of guidance, compassion and help from them?

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