Rating the important factors in choosing your Auto Insurance

The most important factor in choosing an auto insurance company is:
1. claims response
I can’t tell you how many times I have heard stories from customers who had previously had auto accidents under a previous carrier how slow the claims process was. If you have an auto accident- you want the carrier to respond immediately to get the repairs completed as soon as possible in order to get you back into your vehicle. The sooner you are back into your vehicle- the sooner you can move on and get back to your daily routine.
2. price
it seems today everything is centered around price on auto insurance and price is important. But remember when comparing auto insurance carriers be sure to weigh the price with information about claims handling. Like or not, the longer you are without your vehicle could end up costing you more money than you saved by going with the lowest rate.
3. customer service
does your auto insurance carrier work with you? Say you have lost your job and are trying to get by until you have gotten work elsewhere- and you owe $200 for your monthly payment. Will you current carrier accept a partial payment and extend the amount owed over to next month. If not, you may want to find a company that is truly interested in you. Call us today with questions about your auto insurance or if you would like a quote from us for your coverage. We would love the opportunity to not only save you money, but also to protect you in the event of an auto accident.

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